Life Without Acne - free, live masterclass

Below, you can register yourself for the FREE, LIVE masterclass.

Note that I can’t see your emailaddress, it’s only for you to receive an automatic reminder email from the free GoBrunch service before it starts. Only the paid version of GoBrunch will allow me to see your emailaddress and record everything.

This also means there will be NO replays, I’m going for real connection with each other.

Thursday 18 august

Can't attent at that moment or did you miss the moment?

I’ll give another session later on, the date is not yet known.

You can leave your emailaddress into the Mailerlite form so I can send you an email with new data.

Rest assured, I don’t have time to create email funnels and send you unsollicited mails with or without valuable insights. You’ll only receive a simple e-mail with new data. No more, no less. Plain and simple.

How long will the masterclass take?

As this masterclass will be the first one I give in English and because my English is not as fluent as a native speaker, please take in consideration that I don’t yet know precisely how long it will take me. What I do know is that

it will take me at least 1h30 to give you

  1. a bit more information about myself
  2. my acne journey in a nutshell
  3. 1 of the 3 biggest causes of ALL diseases
  4. step 1 of the Body Widsom Method
  5. the 2 short & simple tools to already experience the effects of it and
  6. more information about my method
  7. + LIVE Q&A (not included in the timeframe)
  8. + bonus (not included in the timeframe and after the Q&A session)

After the informational part you can ask your questions in the LIVE Q&A. This can take 30 minutes or more, depending on how many people will be present and how many questions there will be.

Can’t stay until the Q&A but still have questions? Send them to info[at]lichaamswijsheid[dot]eu.